Ormin, Fertilizers Factory S.r.l Company was established in the early seventies following an initiative of NetagroS.r.l., that installed a drying system of animal droppings in an old industrial plant located in Rocca di Neto municipality.

The initiative aimed at drying the waste of industrial faming to the benefit of agriculture:…...sheds’ waste has been used since the age of ancient Egyptians as fertilizers in agriculture.

The initiative was actually born from the environmental need to get rid of such waste and Netagros.a.s., established by a wide socially active group in agriculture and pig breeding, understood such need and was ahead of its time following French companies’ procedures, thathad already started to produce fertilizers with both organic and mineral elements, for the same purpose.

It took 35 years to develop and complete this project, which aimed at the production of organo-mineral fertilizers. The whole period was spent to collect andanalyse all data coming from the “field” and from the market, as well as to develop all technologies and find all work cycles that were more appropriate and environment-friendly.

Since then, the definition of the project has undergone three subsequentexpansions,all of which have been carried out by three Companies that incurred all expenses while alternating in the property of the productive compound: Netagro s.p.a since 1971, Ferticalabria since 1981 and Fertagri from 2004 to 2010.

In 2010 Ormin was appointed with the factory management, and changed the business strategy to the benefit of production, in order to mainlydraw the attention of the commercial branch.

Ormin plant has been a focus both in production and trade of organo-mineral granular fertilizers for over 40 years.