Ormin products are obtained by natural reaction without the addition of synthetic substances, with highly humificated organic substances and high quality mineral elements.

Besides its basic wide set of products, all characterized by a high nutrition efficiency and able to meet the increasing technical-commercial demands of a more and more specialized agriculture, Ormin can also meet the specific requests of single farmers basing both on the analysis of soils and agricultural needs, and provides products for selected industrial partners.

The aim is the one of achieving the final objective of the company: to guarantee the farmer with the best productive result and provide assistance with an effective and prompt supply network.

Ormin’s organo-mineral fertilizers as well as containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a promptly available form, also contain slow-release organic nitrogen which doesn’t disperse and ensures a prolonged nutritive effect. Moreover, the high percentage of high humification-level organic substances allows a significant slowdown of the insolubilization of phosphates which can thus be used in a definitely wider way than compounds with a sole mineral base.

Main features or Ormin fertilizers:

  • Highly soluble and hygroscopic thanks to the utilization of high level raw material
  • Easy distribution by means of the common fertilizer spreaders
  • Granule uniformity: compact, spherical and small size (2,0 mm ≤Ø≤4,0 mm).

Main advantages of Ormin fertilizers

  • They gradually release nutritive elements during the growing cycle;
  • They improve the physical structure of soil;
  • They facilitate the biological activity of soil (they replenish bacterial micro-flora)